TOYOSATO JIKKENCHI could be called as a big family. Here we live together with over 450 people of men and women of all ages. And we share our life with “ONE WALLET”. Our goal is to bring the society for the world that everyone can maintain one’s life happy and abundant.
In 1969 10 plus people have started their settlements in the suburbs of Tsu City, Mie prefecture. The place chosen is located on one of the small hills in the Ise Plain the central part of Japan, where is mild climate and you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of the fields and paddies below the eyes and mountain range in the distance.

In the community where people live like family and get along with each other, helping each other to make the most of each one’s characteristics and specialize ourselves on taking parts of the rolls in daily life and jobs that consist of eating, housing, clothing, nursing care and health care and variety of the jobs based upon agriculture, we aim at constructing our TOYOSATO JIKKENCHI as the community we goal.

About the industry, we have a variety of jobs and sections like the livestock farming (dairy, beef and pork), milk bottling, butcher, vegetable and fruit farming, food processing, feed mixing for the domestic and so forth. These jobs and sections are organically related each other to aim and be practiced towards “a recycling society (or a Society with an Environmentally-sound material cycle)”.